About Us

We were so proud when we opened the first pilates equipment studio, not only in Chorlton, but the only Pilates Studio in Manchester back in 2009.

Although Pilates started to really take off in the UK around 15 years ago, the traditional Pilates studio complete with its unique Pilates equipment has taken much longer to make an impact in the North of England. But matwork is only scratching the surface of the full Pilates experience, to really get the full system as Joseph intended you need to come and visit us in our small Chorlton studio where we work (and play!) on the full system.

Joseph Pilates designed the equipment himself and his exercises for the mat have evolved from the reformer and the other big pieces of equipment such as the cadillac, chair and barrel. Once you experience the studio equipment for yourself you begin to understand more fully how to get the most out of each exercise and you can then apply that to your mat work. For example in a mat class I often say “imagine that you have spring attached to your arms” – on the reformer and the cadillac you are holding onto those springs! By using the springs for resistance throughout the session you will feel the whole of your body working and really challenge yourself. The use of springs doesn’t just act to make exercises harder, it also can support you and is especially beneficial when trying to master rolling work.

We would recommend everyone to come along and give a studio session a try, even just as a one off treat because in one hour you will feel your grasp of pilates really strengthen as we perform your regular mat work exercises on the equipment. It makes your body feel really strong and connected and you can take those new sensations away and apply them in your matwork class.

Everyone has different requirements which is why we always begin with a health screening to find out more about your health and fitness history. Your first session will usually include some physical assessments and postural analysis to discover your individual strengths and weaknesses, and any imbalances within the body.  Personal Training can, but does not have to, mean two sessions a week for ever!  We often do one-off sessions with men and women who want to try out a particular form of exercise before going along to a class. Others have occasional sessions to reinforce and develop exercise that they are already participating in. If you are lucky enough to be able to do one to ones regularly you will experience hundreds of exercises that can be performed on the equipment.