Jo Murphy


Jo’s experience and passion for Pilates has been ongoing since 2002.  She initially trained in Nutritional Advice and Weight Management and as an NHS Community Health Tutor in 2006 believing absolutely that health and well being belong to everyone.

Her love of movement became an integral part of this understanding and as a result  she completed her first Pilates matwork training in 2007. Now as a Polestar Pilates Certified teacher in both matwork and large studio equipment her enthusiasm for moving and learning has never stopped. Attending numerous courses and workshops with different training schools and internationally respected teachers. Her most recent being courses and workshops in indepth myofascial anatomy, neuroscience and soft touch massage.

Her experience and friendly teaching encourages a felt sense of the breath, body and movement. This mindful approach helps you to find a deeper connection to your body, more freedom in your joints, better muscle recruitment in a tension free body.

Her long experience working with diverse client groups such as those with sight loss and visual impairment at Henshaws Charity, pre and post natal women, pre and post operative people, people undergoing Cancer treatments, sedentary office workers with back pain, triathletes, even the Cirque du Soleil performers has given her an empathetic approach that very much considers  the individual and their specific needs both in her mat classes and in the smaller studio groups and one to ones.

Jo combines being abusy mother of three with her love of Pilates. Helping clients (and sometimes herself !) move mindfully,realigning and strengthening their bodies. She also enjoys outdoor swimming..brrrrr…. for its life affirming qualities and dancing round the kitchen on aFriday night . These and the joy of breath and movement that is Pilates helpher deal with the stress and fun of family life !

Jo’s Classes