Our classes are now online so that you can keep fit and healthy at home any time of day

Hi everyone

This week we launched our online energyflowfitness video channel, https://energyflowfitness.vhx.tv/. Our wonderful team have been really working hard to create fabulous and videos for you to do at home at any time of day or night with your family or in peace! We know that lots of you have small equipment at home so we know that lots of you have small equipment at home so Alexandra has created a roller class, no roller? you can improvise at home using a rolled-up beach towel or yoga mat!

Jamie has created a upperbody strengthening workout using handweights but you can easily use cans of beans and just gaffer a couple  of tins together for heavier weights!

 Abi’s new class will be available later on today too so including my two there’s already five classes up there for you to work through. 

The introductory price is currently about the same as 1 weekly mat class and can be paid as a monthly direct debit. We want to keep it affordable in this current situation but give you different classes throughout the week.

If you are in a situation where you’re unable to afford to subscribe but would really like to please do get in touch. we have a number of free subscriptions available which we will prioritise for regular clients.
 Personally  I know that without having put our business online so quickly I would have been unable to manage a £9 a week for a class.

Alexandra, Lyndsey, Jamie, Abi and  I will be providing new Pilates and barre classes each week to maintain the feel of your regular class, you won’t be just repeating the same class over and over again!

Rachel Johnston is joining the team to give us a physio perspective, She has been working for some time now with our clients and has been a Pilates devotee to mat work and the equipment for many years. She will be providing short videos and also one-to-one zoom sessions where she will help us work on our breathing,  dealing with working in a home office environment and much more but I will send you information about that in more detail next week once she’s set up ☺️

I have told the team not to worry we are not expecting professional standard recordings, But I’m really impressed with what they’ve managed to produce they are so resourceful ❤️

Zoom classes

Thank you so so much to those of you who have already come to a class, I know that many of you have needed time to regroup and are hoping to join in this week. 

I LOVED Lyndsey’s HIGH INTENSITY POWER PILATES class this week (although it was quite hard to get out of bed the next day!)Here’s a reminder again of what you need to do if you’ve not yet joined a class…

To join any live streamed classes just…
1. download the ZOOM app.
2  go onto www.energyflowfitness.co.uk/classes and book for the class you would like to attend, that includes the Monday and Tuesday night classes. (Ignore the venue, it’s at your house!)3. We will send you a link, click on it to join the class

How to pay

Well personally I keep forgetting about payment but luckily the classes seem to remember, We’ve seen some fabulous systems for recording tickets!

To pay for classes you can just use your tickets as usual we are having a ceremonial tear up at the start of each class! If you need to buy a new course of tickets we can just log how many virtual tickets you’ve used. 

To pay by cash you can transfer into our account with your Name as the reference. Our account details are energyflowfitness  8716 5678 sort code 60 12 39 (Please contact Lyndsey separately for Barre and Monica too if you attend her class and they will give you their information)

Some  of you have asked if it would be possible to rent the small equipment out and we are going to get this sorted over the next couple of days.

The classes are now an extra ten minutes long to allow for time to set up and check everyone is able to see and hear. Please try to have your mat “landscape” so that we can see all of you!

Our studio sessions are still running we are still teaching one-to-one 2 to 1 and 3 to one sessions via ZOOM.
Clients are welcome to borrow a full set of small equipment inc roller for these sessions.

Keep safe
Sarah and the team x

Please text on 07776196504, phone or email Annie and I at hello@energyflowfitness for any advice on any of the above. Apologies I have got a bit behind replying to some of you as we have been setting all of this up x

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