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New Soft rollers at The Hub

We’ve just replaced all of our bands, prickle balls and spikey balls at the hub for the pre book mat classes PLUS we have a new “soft” set of rollers as we start to incorporate the MELT method into some of our sessions- come along to find out more!

Who We Are

Welcome to energyflowfitness Pilates Studios in Chorlton Manchester.

We were originally founded in 2002 by Sarah Hudson Jones for personal training & Pilates matwork , since 2008 we have devoted all our time and attention to Pilates which is our passion!

We opened the first Pilates Equipment Studio in Manchester in 2009 and in 2013 we finally built our dedicated Pilates Equipment Studios in Chorlton, fully equipped with Pilates reformers, trapeze tables, chairs, ladder barrels and spine correctors and all the necessary equipment. We run individual and group sessions and well as larger Matwork classes throughout the week. We also offer a range of Workshops and Retreats.

Following further expansion into Chorlton Health Hub in 2017 our classes also include Postural Alignment with Monica and Ballet Barre with Lyndsey. We have worked with these amazing women as Pilates clients for many years and have seen how their teaching brings great benefits to us and our clients – all highly recommended!

About Us

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Meet our instructors! 

Sarah – Pilates
Alexandra – Pilates
Jamie – Pilates
Abi – Pilates
Monica – Postural Alignment
Lyndsey – Pilates