How To Join an Online Pilates Class or Studio Appointment


All of our online Classes and Studio Appointments are run using Zoom. This is a video meeting app that offers simple and reliable group video calls. It’s best to download and install the Zoom app in advance as this allows you to test the audio and video before you start the class, this will save a lot of time. You can join a class on any device. Ideally you should be able to see the instructor while exercising so a phone is not ideal. Either a tablet or laptop is the best option. Download and install the Zoom App, click the appropriate button below to get the version you need.


If you sign up to Zoom (this is free) you can sign in to the app and set up the device. You can find instructions on how to do this in the links below

Zoom Video Setup

Zoom Audio Setup

If you are installing Zoom in advance please make sure you use a profile name that your instructor will recognise. For you security they will not let anyone into the class unless they can identify them.

Joining the Class

You will receive an email with an invite to the class you’ve booked. This invite will contain two things you need to look for. A Meeting Link and a Meeting ID/Password, you can use either of these to join the class. the Meeting link is probably more straightforward as this enters the meeting ID and password for you. If you are asked to provide a name to display in the meeting, please use one that your instructor will recognise.

A Meeting Link

This will start the class for you. It will look something like this.

Sarah Hudson Jones is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Join Zoom Meeting

Click on the link to join the meeting. Do this before the class starts so there is time to get ready and check your video and audio.

A meeting ID and Password

You will also see a meeting ID and password. They will look like this:

Meeting ID: 507 864 022

Password: 020766

Using this it is possible to join the Class directly using the Zoom App. To do this you will need to select “Join” from the app home screen. You will be prompted to enter the meeting ID and the password.

While you are waiting for the class to start you will see a Test Computer Audio button. If you click on this you can check your video and audio is working OK.

Entering the Class

Join the class before the start so you have time to set up and get in position. If the class hasn’t started you will see the following message.

Please wait for the host to start this meeting

Just wait till your instructor starts the class, at this point, you will enter a waiting room and you will see the message below. While waiting you can click the Test Computer Audio to go to the settings screen of the Zoom App where you can test the Audio and Video.

Please wait, the meeting host will let you in soon.

The instructor will admit you into the class. They will admit people one at a time so they can check everyone is ready to go and correctly positioned.

In the Class

Once in the class and you are set up and ready to go, you need to switch to Active Speaker view. This will show you full-screen video of your instructor once the class starts. Your instructor will also mute you once the class starts, this is because anyone speaking will take over the main video screen and hide the instructor. You can unmute if you need to ask a question at any point. The instructor can see everyone during the course of the class and will be watching out for your technique.


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