Pilates Mat Classes

Tone and Sculpt Your Whole Body

Pilates is an effective exercise program for everyone. It realigns the body and retrains the back, stomach and pelvic floor muscles to work in harmony to create a strong core. All this improves posture, lengthening and toning muscles throughout the body, creating a fabulous silhouette in men and women. Pilates is also recommended by many doctors physical therapists and physiotherapists to rehabilitate and strengthen the back and its supporting muscles.

Which class is suitable for me?

  • Level 1 – Suitable if you are a complete beginner, have attended a beginners workshop or around 5 hours of classes. You are learning the pilates principles and fundamentals
  • Level 2 – Depends on the individual, but generally 10 hours plus of classes, having grasped the fundamentals is able to maintain the principles whilst adding in more resistance
  • Level 3 – A regular class attendee who is confident doing a larger repertoire of exercises and working with more challenging options.
  • Level 4 – Intermediate level. Someone who is fairly advanced in their practice which has developed over a long period of time with regular classes. A greater range of flexibility through the body and upper body strength is required at this level (and a good sense of humour!)
  • Level 5 – Intermediate, working towards advanced (we are all working towards this!)

Comfortable clothing, no hoods please as we need to see your shoulders are relaxed when you lie down! We do Pilates in bare feet (although you may prefer to keep your socks on), mats will be available to use at each session.

Joining an online class

You can find out how to join an online class using Zoom visit our zoom Classes page.

Our classes are very relaxed so no fancy fitness gear required just comfortable clothing, but no hoodies please as we need to see your shoulders are relaxed when you lie down! We do Pilates in bare feet – although you may prefer to keep your socks on. You will need a mat or cushioned surface to lie on.


You can book an individual class directly from the Class timetable below just register with MindBody first. Go to our bookings page for more information.


Classes are £10. You can’t pay online when you book, please pay by bank transfer for Zoom classes or in cash if attending in person. Make bank transfers to Sarah Hudson Jones Acc. No. 87165678 Sort Code 60-12-39 for Sarah and Alexandra’s classes. Barre, High Intensity Power Pilates & Postural Alignment classes have different bank details which you will receive upon booking.

Mat Class Timetable

Here is the Class timetable for Mat Classes this week.