Pilates Barre Classes

Tone and Sculpt Your Whole Body


Longer, stronger, leaner…

Taught by ex-professional dancer and Body Control Pilates certified teacher Lyndsey Thomas, Pilates Barre is a targeted, energising, full-body workout performed at the ballet barre. Each class combines the lengthening, strengthening and toning results of classical ballet technique, with the Pilates movement principles in standing. Small controlled movements and your own body weight, together with active stretching, work to target every major muscle group – creating long, lean muscles and improved posture and flexibility. The exercises will also challenge and improve balance and coordination. This low impact class focuses on healthy alignment, breath and a combination of flowing and dynamic movements, building to a high intensity workout for body and mind. Small, fun Pilates props such as spikey balls, magic circles and stretchy bands may also be used during the class. Pilates barre is suitable for all levels, no previous experience of Pilates or Ballet is required!

“I have been attending Lyndsey’s pilates barre class for some time now and I love the blend of ballet class and the careful precision of pilates. As an ex dancer and circus performer, it is the perfect exercise to tap into body parts I didn’t know I had and reactivate muscle memory long forgotten. With her classical ballet background and contemporary dance Lyndsey has a profound knowledge of how the body moves and how to get it functioning effectively in your own time. Her class is at once gentle and challenging, strengthening and softening, stimulating, enriching and fun. An accessible class for all levels with an extremely body intelligent practitioner. ” 

Susan Guest May ’17


All Pilates Barre Classes are held at Chorlton Health Hub


The Studio and Chorlton Health Hub are currently pre-booking only (you can book directly from the Schedule below). £9 per class, payment on arrival.

There is more information on booking click here Booking Information. You can book an individual class directly from the schedule below. To make a repeating booking click here Class Booking. To manage your account or cancel a booking click here Manage/Cancel Booking.

Pilates Barre Class Schedule

Here is the Class schdeule for Pilates Barre Classes this week.