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EnergyFlowFitness TV

EnergyFlowFitness TV is our subscription channel featuring sessions recorded by our Teachers for you to do at a time that suits you. We now have an extensive growing library of over 100 videos available to watch at anytime!


Each week our team provide new content for you to try at home. It’s another opportunity to help people stay in shape from home ready for the return to normal life. It includes:

  • Regular Classes

    • Many of your regular Pilates classes now taking place via Zoom. We record a selection of these for you to do at home later.

  • Video Workouts

    • Specially recorded workouts developed by out team for use at home, with and without small equipment.

  • Short 10-20 Express Workouts

    • With different Teachers focusing on a multitude of topics and using props from around the house!

  • Guest Teachers

    • Providing other types of exercise to get us doing some more aerobic cardio sessions, including HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) Mindfulness and Meditation

  • Workshops

    • Beginners workshop now available costs the same as one mat class a week. It’s run as a monthly subscription hosted on Vimeo, and you can cancel your subscription at any time. For that price you can do each video as many times as you wish, on your own or with your housemates, stopping and pausing whenever suits you PLUS you get to join a zoom class every month for FREE!

Profits are distributed between the Teachers to help keep everyone going over this period. You can contact us for help with getting started with Pilates, questions on the exercises or just general questions about exercise at home through out Facebook group EnergyFlowFitness Pilates @Home or through the Forums.  

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